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Cell phone for Megan who just started her first job

Posted Dec 7, 2018
Megan recently started her first job, and the only way the owner can contact her is to call the phone of the foster parent. She plans to use her income to pay for service for a phone once she has one. Megan also wants to participate in after-school activities (specifically softball) but is hindered by not having a reliable way to communicate with the coach and other players. And finally, the only way Megan can have a private conversation with her Social Worker is to borrow a phone from a friend or to ask to use the phone in the school office. Having a phone may seem like a luxury, but it would really make her life just a bit easier.

Megan is 16 years old and lives in Charlotte, NC

Megan has moved five times in the past three years, so developing hobbies and participating in school activities has been a significant challenge. Even though her living situation is not conducive to having a pet, Megan loves animals…specifically dogs. In fact, many of my visits with Megan include a long walk with my Labrador Retriever. Our walks seems to bring her great joy. When we talk about her future, Megan talks about wanting to be a veterinarian or a veterinarian technician.

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