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New clothes for Ne'driyon who is a super protective big brother

Posted Nov 30, 2018
Ne'driyon lives in a house full of siblings. Hand me downs are the way everyone is clothed. Ne'driyon would like some of his own clothes and shoes. He just wants to be proud of himself and not be made fun of at school. He would love the fun of going to the store and picking out his own.

Ne'driyon is 12 years old and lives in St. Petersburg, FL

Ne'driyon's dream is to become a doctor. He says that other kids make fun of him for having this dream but it doesn't matter to him. He knows that he can do it and that he will do it. He states that he would love to become an NFL player but he understands that that is probably never going to happen. When he and his siblings were removed from the home, Ne'Driyon told them all that it would all work out and to stop being so scared. He wants to take care of his family and tries to help out everyday by cooking dinner for everyone.

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