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New clothes for Ashton to wear while jamming with his garage band

Posted Nov 30, 2018
Ashton is happy to be placed with his good friend and band mate, but both his friend's parents work full time and sometimes struggle to make ends meet. He is shy about asking for new things because he is just so grateful they were willing to take him in even though they barely make it themselves. The love abounds in this house! You could make Ashton feel so empowered by getting him a gift card to go shopping for some new clothes on his own.

Ashton is 16 years old and lives in Columbus, IN

Ashton is a creative, ambitious, friendly young man who plays in a garage band on the weekends and occasionally gets real gigs! Ashton was lucky that when he needed to be removed from his home, a good friend's parents were willing to take him in. He is fortunate to be in a familiar environment with a friend, though he admits it's embarrassing that his own parents haven't made great decisions and put him in this position. He is resilient, though! Ashton is a 21st Century Scholar and currently takes a welding class that he enjoys so much that he may want to make a career out of it.

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