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New bedroom decor for Gemma who needs a fresh start.

Posted Nov 19, 2018
Gemma can't seem to catch a break! Every time she thinks things are turning up she gets hit with another set back. Recently, her sister (who is her best friend) was moved to a new home. In all of her changes over the years, her sister was her constant and the thing she knew she could count on. This Christmas, her caregiver would like to give her the ability to do a room renovation to make it her own. She is hoping that this will fill some of the emptiness that Gemma is feeling in her room these days.

Gemma is 12 years old and lives in Cincinnati, OH

Gemma is an exceptionally hard working girl. She has had her share of struggles, but demonstrates an amazing resiliency that impresses everyone who meets her. She manages to find the silver lining in any situation and always has a smile on her face.

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