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A Ninjago Lego set for Josh who loves to build things

Posted Oct 28, 2018
Josh loves legos! He especially loves to read through the instructions, separate out all the pieces, and create a plan. He gets so much enjoyment from the process and would be happy with any set. Once he builds the suggested toy, he loves to come up with other things to build using the pieces.

Josh is 13 years old and lives in Columbus, IN

Josh has been in foster care for close to 5 years. He is a very sweet child but has serious behavioral issues and has not been successful outside of residential facilities, but he is working to have success with his grandmother at the moment. Josh has 5 brothers and sisters, and unfortunately their paths have gone different ways and he will likely never get to live with any of them. He is a very sweet child but understandably struggles to understand the hand of cards that has been dealt to him. Josh loves Legos and shows his worker a new set he would like at every visit. Josh is very much at peace when he is building with Legos.

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