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New shoes for Keon who earned Straight A's this school year

Posted May 26, 2018
Despite the things that Keon has gone threw in the past few weeks, he still managed to earn straight As this school year. When Keon came into care he wanted these particular shoes but he could not get them because it wasn't a part of his school uniform. Instead, his foster parents told him that if he got all As at the end of the year, that they would find a way to get his shoes for him. Well this day has finally come, He is officially a Straight A student. These shoes are well deserved. He put in the hard work to earn them

Keon is 11 years old and lives in Fort Worth, TX

Keon is a very quiet and sweet boy. This is his second time coming into foster care. He wasn't excited about coming back into care again but he was happy to hear that he was being placed with his previous foster family. He likes to play with legos and watch TV. He also likes football, basketball, ice cream and video games.

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