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New clothes for Jamal who has lost 65 pounds so far

Posted Sep 4, 2018
Jamal is needing new clothes after losing about 65 pounds. Jamal is really excited about his recent weight loss but is needing to completely revamp his wardrobe since most of the clothing items don't fit him anymore!

Jamal is 20 years old and lives in Salem, OR

Jamal is a high school senior who is looking to attend college next year to study auto mechanics. Jamal is a great kid who has a great group of friends and holds his families- both bio and foster- close to his heart. Jamal has had several troubles in his life, but he never lets that be an excuse for him to stop fulfilling his goals and dreams. Jamal is working online to complete his high school diploma and he works part time after school at a retail store.

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