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A small weighted compression vest for Xander who wants to regulate his emotions

Posted May 3, 2018
Xander would really appreciate a new weighted compression vest. This vest, it will allow him to control his behaviors and impulses to get the full advantage in the classroom and allow him to do all of the fun things a child his age is able to do during the summer months! This vest will also allow him to maintain the stability that every child we work with so desperately needs and deserves. At this time, he is at risk of being placed in a separate classroom as well as not being allowed to attend the daycare for the summer where his sibling and foster siblings attend.

Xander is 7 years old and lives in Omaha, NE

Xander has endured so much more than any child his age should have to endure. All the while, he had to take care of his little brother. He is a funny and caring little boy that deserves all the chances in the world for a happy and healthy life. He currently is residing in foster care while his father is unknown to everyone and his mother is in and out of treatment and jail. He has resided in the his current foster home for well over 15 months now, and this family is willing to also provide permanency for him and his brother.

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