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Senior Photos for Raven who is celebrating her high school graduation

Posted May 15, 2018
Raven will be graduating in June 2018. She lives with her grandmother, who manages her household duties and financial responsibilities without complaints and finds joy in Raven's success each time she moves from grade to grade. However, Raven's grandmother does not have much extra income to help Raven pay for special graduation items and Raven is not able to save enough money to pay for all of them on her own either. After four long years of late night studying and endless homework, Raven would be grateful to have some assistance to help her purchase her Senior Photo and to have a memorable senior year.

Raven is 19 years old and lives in Burlington, NJ

Raven struggles with being very shy and quiet. Her Big Sister feels she lacks the confidence she needs in order to build better peer relationships. However at times, one could see a glimpse of Raven's personality which is usually sheltered. Raven's Big Sister recognizes the importance of her friendship and the affects she’s had on her as she has seen Raven grow when put in settings that require Raven to be more open and expressive, and she has helped Raven to “go for it”. Raven's grandmother is getting up in age; she’s mentioned her fears of Raven being lost in life if something happened to her. Raven struggled with a sense of the future and was pretty content at just hanging around the house with her grandmother. Last summer to help correct this Raven was working on getting her diver’s permit, and looking for summer jobs and talking more about careers with her Big Sister. Raven is also now considering entering the service after she graduates from High School.

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