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Cool new Vans gear for Rasheen who is becoming more and more social

Posted Apr 23, 2018
Rasheen would love to be able to shop at his favorite store, Vans! He has become more social in the past year, and is enjoying people more and more. Now that he is learning to be more social with his peers, he would like to present himself in a certain way. Being able to shop at Vans would allow Rasheen to create his own style.

Rasheen is 18 years old and lives in Wilmington, DE

Rasheen has had an extremely difficult childhood. Growing up he has had to overcome many obstacles that typical children wouldn’t have to face. When he was 10 years old, he became attracted to the Freedom Outreach group, which is a Christian based organization that reaches out to troubled youth. He has maintained a strong relationship with them ever since; he goes to faith-based leadership camps during the summer and this spring he is going on a mission trip to Texas. This June, Rasheen will receive his high school diploma. He has been accepted to the local university and is excited to begin taking classes in his major of biology. Rasheen has a truly mild heart; he has inner strength to burn. He is also an excellent singer, singing in choirs and getting a lot of solo opportunities. Rasheen is fast becoming a real man, a true adult. He conducts himself with the kind of poise that comes with strong, genuine faith. He says the Freedom Outreach program saved his life. He always gives the glory to God. At a recent Family Court hearing, his judge said, "I have been doing this for years, for countless children, and you, Rasheen, are the best one I have ever met." Rasheen has worked hard, maintaining his faith throughout every sort of event and incident, ceaselessly conducting himself with honor and caring for those around him.

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