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New pants for Ruby who would like some comfy purple pants with hearts on them

Posted Mar 21, 2018
Ruby lives in a psychiatric residential facility, which leaves her in a tough spot when it comes to clothing and personal needs. The DCS feels clothing should be covered by the facility, but the facility feels this need should be addressed by the Department. Unfortunately, this leaves fast-growing Ruby with ill-fitting clothes (especially pants) and no one willing to foot the bill. Ruby would very much like to have some new comfortable lounge pants for wearing in the facility. She is hoping to find some purple pants that are soft and have hearts on them.

Ruby is 10 years old and lives in North Vernon, IN

Ruby is an amazing young lady. She has suffered so much in her short life but still is a joy to be around! She hopes to one day have a family of her own and reports that she wants to dedicate her time to taking very good care of her own children!

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