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Special Summer Camp Di'Jae who loves to socialize with other girls her age

Posted May 15, 2018
Girls Inc. is for young girls starting at the age 6 years old who gain development and growth. They are inspired to become strong, smart and bold. Girls Inc. helps young girls reach their full potential. This program will help Di'Jae with her growth in becoming a better person. She will learn life skills and be motivated with the help of the mentors. She will gain experience and/or be exposed to different activities done within Girls Inc and by going on field trips.

Di’Jae is 7 years old and lives in Desoto, TX

Di'Jae is a spunky little girl who enjoys a variety of things such as imaginative play, coloring, games, basketball, play dough, movies, and going to the park with her two older brothers. She wants to be a police officer when she grows up so she can help people. What makes Di'Jae unique is her sense of humor, intelligence and kind heart.

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