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Tickets to the Shen Yun performance for Noa who is interested in learning more about her Chinese heritage

Posted Mar 1, 2018
Noa’s Big Sister tries to do activities that Noa wants to do and focus on Noa as an individual, especially activities to experience her own culture as well as others. The Shen Yun performance is a wonderful celebration of Chinese culture that Noa has expressed a deep interest in wanting to attend. Noa has recently expressed interest in dance, and her Big Sister paid attention when they drove by a billboard for this event and Noa said that it looked “really cool!” The show will be at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center (NJPAC) from April 23-May 3, and Noa’s is looking to use a gift certificate to afford tickets to the performance to enjoy together with her Big Sister. Noa’s Big Sister said that Noa used to express a lot of disinterest in her culture due to having negative feelings about her adoption, but, since having her Big Sister around, Noa has expressed a new excitement in understanding who she is that her Big Sister hopes to re-enforce by attending this show with her.

Noa is 14 years old and lives in Mount Laurel, NJ

Noa has just entered the fun and challenging world of being a teenager. She's a mature, free spirit, who still is struggling through finding her identity as an individual, as a member of her adoptive family, and among her peers. Noa was born in China and spent her entire first year in an orphanage. She was adopted into a single-parent home with 2 older siblings, a sister who was adopted 4 years earlier also from China and a brother who is about a year older who is biologically from their mother. The boy's father left the family soon after he was born so Noa has never grown up with a father figure. Noa struggled with forming attachments to her mother, sister and brother as she was growing up. As consistency/permanence were something she was beginning to experience, Noa's mother decided to try a different approach to helping Noa and enrolled with Big Brothers Big Sisters. Noa’s Big Sister was matched almost immediately with Noa because of her adoption and background, as she was adopted from South Korea to a family with 2 siblings, both of whom are biologically related to her parents. The main thing Noa’s Big Sister has tried to do is be there for her and create a safe space for her to talk about anything she wanted to, especially when it came to being adopted and trying to relate to her family. Noa has opened up about her interest in China and Chinese culture, how she wishes she was closer to her siblings, and how she feels in her family, some things which are normal pre-teen/teen feelings and some that may be related to being adopted. Noa’s Big Sister hopes to continue to help Noa explore her identity and develop her confidence as she enters into these teenage years.

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