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A Unicorn Puzzle for Kristen for Easter

Posted Feb 26, 2018
Kristen loves Unicorns and wishes for a Unicorn Puzzle to put together! She hopes to get this as an Easter gift! It would help keep her busy and give her a positive activity to do.

Kristen is 12 years old and lives in Wilkesboro, NC

Kristen is an inquisitive young lady who is always interested in what is going on.  She is always looking, watching, and listening.  Kristen is much older than her age suggests.  She has a famous eye roll that everyone just loves, because it makes Kristen--Kristen!  At this age she loves spending time with friends, having sleepovers, and painting her nails.  She also really likes to help around the house. 

The Wish Story

Feb 26, 2018

Foster Parent Association of Wilkes - Wilkesboro, NC requests this wish for Kristen.

Feb 26, 2018

One Simple Wish posts the wish to the website.

Feb 26, 2018

KayLa grants the wish for Kristen! Thanks KayLa.

I truly hope that you enjoy your unicorn puzzle. I love unicorns and I'm sure that you're as beautiful and magical as them. You are strong, amazing, and capable of doing ANYTHING that you put your mind to; never let anyone convince you otherwise. You rock!! -KayLa N. Allen of Spring, Texas

Feb 27, 2018

One Simple Wish sends the gift to the Foster Parent Association of Wilkes - Wilkesboro, NC for Kristen.

Mar 6, 2018

Foster Parent Association of Wilkes - Wilkesboro, NC receives the wish!

Mar 6, 2018

Kristen receives the gift from Foster Parent Association of Wilkes - Wilkesboro, NC!

KayLa, We have received Kristen’s unicorn puzzle and delivered to her Foster family to give to her on Easter. Thank you so much for caring enough to grant her special wish. Many thanks!

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