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Gymnastics Lessons for Cartwheeling Kallie

Posted May 15, 2018
Kallie is wishing for gymnastics lessons. Gymnastics lessons would help improve Kallie’s self-esteem and teach her new social and physical skills. These lessons would give Kallie a safe and appropriate outlet for a lot of her energy.

Kallie is 12 years old and lives in Fort Smith, AR

Kallie is rambunctious young lady who loves to show off her cartwheels. Fortunately, Kallie is in the same home as her younger sister. She likes to spend time with friends and play outside. Kallie is not sure what she wants to be when she grows up just yet.

The Wish Story

Feb 11, 2018

River Valley Adoption Coalition - Greenwood, AR requests this wish for Kallie.

Feb 12, 2018

One Simple Wish posts the wish to the website.

May 29, 2018

Montei grants the wish for Kallie! Thanks Montei.

May 29, 2018

One Simple Wish sends the gift to the River Valley Adoption Coalition - Greenwood, AR for Kallie.

May 30, 2018

River Valley Adoption Coalition - Greenwood, AR receives the wish!

May 30, 2018

Kallie receives the gift from River Valley Adoption Coalition - Greenwood, AR!

Thank you so much for granting gymnastics lessons for Kallie. She has been through so much in her life and this will be a very positive outlet for her to exert her energy. These lessons will also help with her social skills. Thank you so very much!

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