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A fun day at Dave & Busters for Serenity to celebrate her BBBS anniversary with her Big Sister!

Posted Mar 27, 2018
Serenity is celebrating her one year anniversary with the BBBS program and having her Big Sister. This wish will allow her and her Big Sister to celebrate and enjoy themselves, while also acknowledging Serenity's hard work and determination in school and decision to pursue further education! This is cause for celebration!

Serenity is 15 years old and lives in Gloucester City, NJ

Serenity is a Little Sister who has gained so much from having a Big Sister in the Big Brothers Big Sisters Program. She lives with her aunt along with her three younger sisters. When her Big Sister, Veletta, met her she was very shy and a little hesitant about opening up. Since Veletta has been around, Serenity's aunt says that Serenity is more conscious of being a role model to her younger siblings. She now talks about going to college after graduating high school. She is not quite sure at this point about what she wants to be when she grows up but she now knows that going to college is a must. She loves sports and animals. Serenity is very energetic young lady.She loves to play basketball, field hockey and enjoys cheerleading. What makes Serenity unique to her Big Sister is that she is learning how to finally trust someone outside of her circle. Her Big Sister says, "She has been through so much and doesn’t let many people inside her heart. She has let me in and I am not going to be someone who takes that lightly."

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