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Initial payment for Idali's once in a lifetime trip to Ecuador!

Posted Feb 15, 2018
Idali is thrilled to have the chance to attend her school trip to Ecuador! The initial payment of $500 is due now or she will not have the chance to attend.

Idali is 16 years old and lives in Omaha, NE

Idali is a vibrant young lady, who’s luminous spirit keeps you on your toes. She often displays a rugged never-say-quit attitude, pursuing her own self-improvement relentlessly. Even through all the trauma Idali has been through you will always find a smile on her face. She often times will greet you with a smile and a bad joke, rambling off a list of her daily accomplishments like she is the front runner of some rock band. Idali has been in foster care for several years due to neglect and human trafficking. Originally Idali was separated from her sister, and without any connections to her Hispanic Heritage. Two years ago, Idali was placed in her current foster home, along with her sister. Idali has since stabilized and shown tremendous improvement in her goals. Since being placed in her new home, Idali has a renewed interest in her culture and family connections. Last year, Idali’s foster parents were able to arrange and facilitate a trip to Florida for Idali to meet and learn more about her family members that live there. This year Idali was given an amazing opportunity to travel to Ecuador with her Spanish class so she can learn more about the language and culture while being immersed in a Spanish speaking environment. However due to the high cost of the trip Idali’s foster parents are unable to provide the entire amount. Idali is determined to accomplish her goals despite whatever circumstances may be and with your help she will get to experience this amazing once in a lifetime trip and opportunity to travel to Ecuador.

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