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A new watch for Kathryn so she can become more independent

Posted Jan 17, 2018
Kathryn would like to wish for a nice watch. Her favorite color is purple and she saw a purple watch online that she really hopes will be hers someday. Kathryn is leaving the group home soon and she says it will keep her being on time when she goes home and doesn’t have us to be her alarm clock anymore. This would be such an amazing wish come true for a very special young lady.

Kathryrn is 10 years old and lives in Beaumont, CA

Kathryn is a nice young lady who has resided at her current group home for 1 week, this is Kathryn's 2nd time here, she left about 6 months ago but things didn't work out for her and she returned to us. Kathryn is in the 5th grade. Her favorite thing about school this year is her teacher she says she likes her a lot and that makes school fun. Kathryn's favorite thing to do when she has free time is draw or do some kind of arts and crafts, when she grows up she would like to be a Doctor so she can help kids that don't feel good to feel better. thanks

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