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A hover board for Jimmy who loves being outdoors!

Posted Dec 16, 2017
Jimmy is very active and spends much of his free time outdoors. He feels less restricted outside and would love to get around on a hover board. He has wished for a hover board, but doesn't believe that anyone would actually give him one (sees it as a pipe dream), so let's prove him wrong! He genuinely believes not a person in the world cares about him.

Jimmy is 14 years old and lives in North Vernon, IN

Jimmy has been "in the system" for the majority of his life. His mother struggles with drug addiction. His father has been incarcerated since Jimmy was very young. He rarely sees his two older sisters because they were placed with separate foster families and live in other states. Jimmy works hard at not letting his situation get the best of him and hopes one day to be reunited or at least get to visit with his sisters.

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