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A new bike for Thad who sees a bike as a way to control his own destiny!

Posted Dec 5, 2017
Thad loves to ride his bike to school even though his foster home is on the other side of the city, nearly 2 miles away! He cannot rely on his parents for transportation and doesn't like to inconvenience his foster parents. He has been riding a used bicycle that has been repaired a number of times. However, his bike recently reached the end of its lifetime with a key component having broken beyond repair. He bike represents to him that little bit of freedom that young men his age are looking for. But perhaps more importantly, having a working bicycle gives him some control over his life that he has been unable have thus far.

Thad is 15 years old and lives in Columbus, IN

Thad is a bright-eyed teen who is involved with the system for the second time. As the oldest of six siblings, he often has had to assume responsibility for his five younger siblings, four sisters and one brother. He is in the 8th grade and math is his favorite subject. Some day he would like to be a video game designer. He loves to ride his bicycle to school even though his foster home is on the other side of the city, one and a half miles away.

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