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HugglePod HangOut Indoor/Outdoor Hanging Chair for Isaiah who loves to swing while listening to animal books

Posted Nov 8, 2017
Isaiah is such a wonderful boy, if you could meet him your heart would melt. Isaiah has been in several foster homes since being placed through the state. Isaiah is non-verbal and cannot express his needs through words which makes him have a lot of frustrating days. He is working so hard on learning different ways of communication however he has a long road ahead of him. Isaiah loves three things: water, animals, and swinging. He does not get to swim as often as he would like to and he is learning how to be gentle and kind to animals. Isaiah would love a HugglePod HangOut Indoor/Outdoor Hanging Chair where he can listen to his animal books and have a place that is just his very own space. This gift would also help provide stability for Isaiah in foster care. He is sensory seeking and this would meet that need and hopefully take a little stress off of everyone.

Isaiah is 8 years old and lives in Moscow , ID

Isaiah is a sweet boy who is in foster care. As soon as you meet Isaiah, you instantly fall in love with him. His laughter and smile is contagious. He does have a big brother and although they are not placed together, Isaiah’s brother is always looking out for him. Isaiah has sensory needs due to having autism. Foster care has been extremely hard for Isaiah. He has been working hard to learn his new routines and new surroundings. Isaiah does well when his sensory needs are met and he is able to be calm and enjoy his foster family. Isaiah’s favorite things to do are swim and swing. He loves animals and loves to hear animal noises.

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