Granting wishes is just the beginning

Granting a wish is just the beginning of the work we do at One Simple Wish. Every day we work tirelessly to amplify the voices of every single child who has been impacted by foster care, abuse, neglect and trauma in the United States. With your support, we reached more than 20,000 children last year alone.

Behind each one simple wish there are tens of thousands of children who still need to be heard. With your support for our mission, we can continue to expand our network of social service agencies all across the nation and ensure that every child knows that we are always here for them.


Here's what we did in 2016/17:

Dolla Dolla Bills



Programs 89%

Administrative 6%

Fundraising 5%

Wish Granting


Wishing Granting 75%

In-Kind 25%

Revenue by source

Foundations 8%

Corporate 12%

In-Kind 25%

Individuals 56%

Over 20,000 children reached...

...Through 800+ community partners in 46 states

Wishes Come True

Diana, 13
1 week of Day Camp for Diane ▼

Damien is a nice young man who has resided at his current group home for several years. Damien like going to recess so he can play kickball with his friends (he loves all sports!) Damien also loves going on bug hunts, he has quite the collection! His wish is for a special pair of shoes that have a school of sparks on them, he thinks they are so cool! More about making this wish come True! - What was the cost? $55 - Who granted their wish? Lydia in May 2017 An employee of the group home saw firsthand just how excited Damien was when he got his new shoes! She wrote to Lydia through the wish granting platform to say, “Lydia, Damien says thank you so much for the shark shoes, he absolutely loves them. I have to keep reminding him not to stare at his feet I'm afraid he's going to run into things!!”

Michael, 15
Wish to Take part in his Orchestra Competition in New Orleans. Washington, DC ▼

Michael is a talented cello player. We attended his Christmas concert and witnessed his talent firsthand! He comes from a low income family and despite some fundraising efforts by his grandmother, he still does not have enough money to travel to New Orleans with his orchestra to participate in a competition.  More about making this wish come True! - What was the cost? $500 - Who granted their wish? One Simple Wish in March 2017 We received an amazing update about Michael: Michael and his orchestra won 1st place at their competition in New Orleans! Thank you so much again for making this dream come true!

Christian, 17
Wish to honor his mother with a grave marker. San Jose, CA ▼

He has experienced a lot of trauma in the past and entered foster care at a young age. This teenage boy with a GPA of 3.01 has an unselfish desire and wish is to have a marker on his mother's grave site. He is a smart kid that would use this One Simple Wish to honor his mother with a lifetime gift that would last a lifetime. More about making this wish come True! - What was the cost? $500 - Who granted their wish? Sheryl in December 2016 Sheryl was inspired by Christian and told him, “You are a beautiful soul Christian. It is our honor to support you in this remembrance for your mother. She must have been an amazing woman and she created brightness in the world through you. I imagine she is incredibly proud. Much love to you!!”

Check Out These Rock Stars

Yogathon ▼

In March 2017 more than 3 dozen yogis raised over $10,000 and lots of good vibes for our kids!

Warren Middle School Walk for Wishes ▼

In May 2017, Warren Middle School in Warren, NJ worked together to raise $10,000 to grant wishes!

Lily Rae ▼

Sweet Lily Rae is at it again! For the 4th year in a row this amazing little lady has decided to dedicate her birthday to One Simple Wish. She raised over $1,600 to help grant wishes!

We Need Your Help to Keep Going

Every donation you make to our mission gets us closer to our ultimate goal; to change the narrative around foster care and to activate a stronger village of support so that no child is ever left feeling alone.

Our mighty team of 7 is counting on you to be part of this village. We cannot do it without YOU.

Please give what you can by donating online or mailing a donation to:

One Simple Wish,
1977 N Olden Ave #292,
Trenton, NJ 08618


If you are interested in donating stock, airline miles or credit card points you may also contact us at

Thank you for being a voice for our kids and joining us in spreading love, hope and joy to all who need us!

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